Di -- the (wo)Man and the Myth

You've seen me being all professional -- this is me being all seventies. Don't worry, it doesn't happen often... I go to school at Bowling Green State University in lovely Bowling Green, Ohio. (You probably can't hear the sarcasm when I say "lovely"...) Sorry, but year-round nonstop wind is not my thing. Nice school, bad climate.

Here's me with my boyfriend, Aaron Schnuth. (I really do hate that word, "boyfriend." Sounds very Junior High-ish to me. I've tried "male ornament" and "sidekick" among other names, but none seem to quite describe the Schnuth...) We share a love for thrifting, Clutch, the Mighty Mighty BossToneS, and, of course, each other. (Aw, now wasn't that sweet...)

I'm sure there's something else you want to know about me, but it'll just have to wait till later. I don't know how you got to this page anyway -- must be a busybody. But if you're here, may as well go back here.